- Waterproof rubber stopper: A waterproof rubber stopper is used to prevent water from entering the pipe when it is buried or attached to a manhole or is installed place outdoors.

 When ordering please specify: NC- ………

 For example: Buy a waterproof rubber stopper to install ELP Ø100, order in: NC-100

Sizes of waterproof rubber buttons: NC-40, NC-30, NC-50, NC-65, NC-80, NC-125, NC-100

 - Pipe support pillows: Use to hold or create distance between the pipes pillows with few pipes and pillows supporting multiple pipes at the same time. Support pillows made of calf

Therefore, it is often used when constructing 110 kV - 220 kV underground cables

Create a fixed distance between phases

 - Test tube ventilation: To check the straightness, vent the pipes before construction. Select the appropriate test result for the size ELP tube size. Test by pulling the test through the pipe after temporary burial pipe time and after placing complete ELP piping system.

When ordering please specify: QT -...

 - Waterproof flange: Used in place where HDPE plastic pipes penetrate through retaining walls (houses, cables ...), to ensure the beauty of cable tunnels or constructions.

When ordering please specify: MB - ...

Example: Buying a flange, for construction with ELP Ø130 / 100, write: MB-100

- Connector type COMPOSITE: The product is often used to straighten HDPE twisted pipes used for electric cables